What is a PIM system?

A PIM system (short for Product Information Management) is the centre for your digital field service. With Master PIM you can reach your customers where they are looking for your products today: on your homepage, online shop and online platforms.

Save working time when maintaining your product data and at the same time gain a competitive advantage in the digital age.

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Collect and manage your supplier catalogs or your own product information at a central location.


Optimize the content and technical quality of your product information.


Easily export your catalogues for all sales channels (online shop, online platforms, homepage, catalogues, flyers)

Master PIM is the central office
for your digital field service

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitisation and expand your sales network in an uncomplicated manner.

Sell more products faster

Sell everywhere

for the connection of all common target systems:

  • maximum range
  • Maximum compatibility with all platforms and shop systems
  • through standardized interfaces

10 years of experience

based on more than 10 years of experience in production connection trading (PVH):

  • Minimal integration costs
  • maximum compatibility

Simply good product data management

Sell more faster.

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Reduce workload.

Save valuable working time by using standardized editing-workflows and data-processing.
Connect new dealers with just a few clicks and reach thousands of new customers in just a few minutes.

Standardized processes

  • Your employees can make better use of their time than by providing data.
  • optimal use of the available data

Create once, use automatically on all channels

  • one-time data generation for all channels
  • maximum process cost savings

Simply good product data refinement

Reduce workload. Save working time.

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Immediately Ready for Use

For over 10 years we have been learning with and from the most renowned companies in the production connection trade.
That's why we now provide a system that does not require complicated integration processes.

Quick Start

  • We guide you through the product
  • We help with the installation
  • With just a few clicks, your product data is ready for all your channels.
  • Minimal integration costs

Simple good product data management

Start now.

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Connect all systems to Master PIM

Import / Export Engine

Smooth data exchange

The uncomplicated and flexible transfer of product information plays a central role in the marketing of products. The Master PIM Import/Export Engine ensures smooth data exchange with all common third-party systems. Easily transfer all data into the BMEcat structure and export the data exactly as you need it. The specially developed import/export engine in masterPIM makes it possible!

Support from experts

Our experts with their experience in product information management will be happy to assist you at any time. We support you with the configuration of your Import/Export Engine Templates.

Further Features

Product Search

With this function you can search for certain articles in your assortment. Information about the article is displayed immediately.


masterPIM performs daily backups in case to prevent data loss or unintentional changes by the customer.

BMEcat Export

Product data can be exported in the industry standard format "BMEcat" to be passed on to other target systems, dealers or manufacturers.

BMEcat Import

Product data can be imported into masterPIM in BMEcat format (*.XML) for subsequent editing and management.


Easily browse through the category tree of your catalogs and instantly edit product information as needed.

CSV Import

With masterPIM it is possible to import product data in *.csv format into your PIM.

Search for double EAN

This function can find duplicate entries of the article number in your catalog and display them to you.

Excel export and import

Product data (catalogues) can be both imported and exported in Excel format.

Excel Re-Import

Excel Re-Import makes it possible to overwrite and extend already imported catalogs with modified Excel files.

Export to Account

If you have several masterPIM accounts (workspaces), use this function to transfer a catalog to another account (workspace) with just a click.

Duplicate Catalog

Duplicate catalogs so that you can edit them separately later.

Medien Pool

The Media Pool can store all media files you need for the selected catalog (e.g. images, videos, PDFs and 3D data) .

Reference Catalogs

Use reference catalogs to merge products from different catalogs to one combined portfolio.

Search per list

Search for several field values (e.g. article number) at the same time and receive an result catalog with just a few clicks.

Templates (Import and Export)

Using templates, you can convert Excel and CSV files to the standard BMEcat file format and import them into masterPIM, as well as export them to the desired data structure.

UDX fields

With User-Defined-Extension fields you can also display all product information that is not contained in the BMEcat format by default.

Simply Good Product Data.

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