Why Do Brands Need a PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) for your manufacturers.

Deliver product information to all customers in an uncomplicated manner
Display products in your own shop and on online marketplaces
No more wasting time

One standard for all purposes

With a PIM system, you as the manufacturer always supply the trade and other partners as well as online shops and marketplaces with up-to-date, standardised product information in your desired format.

masterPIM helps you to maintain and provide product data records for even the most extensive product ranges - including article numbers, product descriptions, images, technical data and all other relevant features. All information is stored in the industry standard BMEcat.

Centrally manage product information

No longer maintain your product information in different tables for different dealers and partners. All data is combined in a central system. The product information is developed and refined across departments by means of the corresponding process definition. Customer-specific assortments can be output from a comprehensive PIM database.

Controlled distribution of product data

Maintain an overview of your product data and still remain flexible in the provision. By using customer-specific templates, the data is exported exactly as you need it. This allows you to serve all partners with one system: trade, wholesale, distributors, online shops, marketplaces, etc.

Individual price lists for different customer groups? No problem. You have complete control.

Faster time-to-market

Sofort loslegen mit masterPIM.

Mit masterPIM bieten wir eine sofort einsatzbereite PIM-Lösung für alle Unternehmen, die Ihre Produktinformationen zentral verwalten möchten.
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