1. What is masterPIM anyway?

With masterPIM you do not buy a pig in a poke. The first step is to show you how our PIM system works.
MasterPIM is the browser-based tool for uncomplicated product information management. The modular structure enables the illustration of simple product data conversion up to a fully scalable enterprise solution for retailers and manufacturers. Maintain your entire product information in one place. Accessible from anywhere. masterPIM is ready for use immediately after registration.

2. What are your PIM goals?

Together we determine the PIM goals for your company. The following questions must be answered:
• What requirements do you have for a PIM system?
• Which departments are involved in product data maintenance?
• How many employees should be able to access the data and in what form?
• Do you sell your products in online shops, sales or procurement platforms?
• Which other IT systems do you use (e.g. ERP)?
• How is the data required in these systems?

The question about your PIM goal should not be answered negliently.
Only if you have determined how you want to work with your PIM, which company departments (product management, marketing, IT, eCommerce, sales), which employees are involved and to whom the data is to be transferred. Then we can find the appropriate configuration for you.

3. How does the correct PIM process look like?

On the basis of your determined goals and requirements, we design the appropriate PIM process and show you how masterPIM can help you.

The benefit of a PIM system stands and falls with the meaningfulness of the workflows. We help you to map your individual workflows with the masterPIM modular system so that all users can find their way around the new system.

Your Individual Offer

Only after we have discussed your goals with you and defined your PIM process, you will receive a binding offer for the implementation.

4. masterPIM training

After we have created your PIM process and you have commissioned us with the integration, you will first receive detailed training in masterPIM, including an introduction to the BMEcat standard for the smooth transfer of product information.

Your employees will learn how to work with your masterPIM in the defined workflow. This includes the following topics:
• Account functionalities
• Product data import
• Handling the Import/Export Engine including template creation
• Product data maintenance
• Product data export
• Use of individual user-defined functions (if applicable)
• (If applicable) use of the masterPIM Addons

5. Data preparation and integration

Parallel to the training phase we already start the data integration and support you with the preparation of your product data. With masterPIM you can start immediately.

At the same time, we create the necessary instances and user accounts for you, so that your long-term process can quickly go into production.

6. masterPIM in productive use

After a few weeks or even days, you are ready to apply your PIM process in your day-to-day business. Collect your product information in masterPIM, process it and distribute it to your desired target systems.

7. We keep in touch

Our Customer Success Management remains in contact with you. We will contact you regularly with tips and suggestions for optimizing your product information management. Should you have any questions or require support during operation, we will be happy to help you.

Sofort loslegen mit masterPIM.

Mit masterPIM bieten wir eine sofort einsatzbereite PIM-Lösung für alle Unternehmen, die Ihre Produktinformationen zentral verwalten möchten.
Möchten Sie mehr über PIM und die Sicherheit in der Cloud erfahren? Wir beraten Sie gern in einem kostenlosen Gespräch.

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